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Just Keith

Just Keith

Gerren O’Keith Harris—or as his twitfam fondly refers to him: @_JustKeith—was born and raised in Atlanta’s backyard. Keith’s attraction to music started as a child when he was introduced to the trombone in his Middle School band. As his love of music grew and his addiction to making his own beats became nearly insatiable, he decided that pursuing a career in the music industry would be his only option. He explains, “Even though I playedtrombone, I was always listening for harmonizing sounds...something to turn a single melody into something more of a symphony”

His first introduction to the recording process was through his walkman radio. His quick draw reflexes when it came to recording the world around him earned him the nickname The Freestyle Recorder among the kids at his school. “I would walk around recording people’s battles and make one big collection. I wanted to give others the opportunity to hear what I heard.”

As Keith grew older, his exposure to more professional recording equipment widened as well. He stepped into a world of Protools. Apple G4s, Mbox minis and microphones. When his friends started to come to him for recording sessions, he says “I just wanted to record but they insisted on paying me. That is when I knew this could happen.”

He later found his way to Soul Asylum Studios Group in Atlanta, GA. Starting as an Intern, JustKeith was introduced to the process of studio recording, troubleshooting and session etiquette. After completing his one-year internship, Keith had worked on dozens of projects for artists ranging from Hip Hop to Audio books.

Keith is determined to improve his skills every day; his work ethic and talent bring clients back for the same quality experience they had the first time.

Follow him at @_JustKeith on Twitter!